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Maldon Mega Egg
  • Maldon Mega Egg


    Specially crafted for Easter, our Mega Egg consists of 3 layers (that's a whopping 600+ grams!) of brilliantly presented Milk chocolate on a solid milk chocolate base, with 5 hazelnut praline Easter animal characters and 3 hidden bags of 'quail eggs', praline & caramel eggs, and bunnies & carrots


    The most indulgent way to enjoy Easter.


    * Available in milk OR dark chocolate


    EVERY egg made by Maldon Chocolates contains extra chocolates inside (We don't like to leave them empty and waste valuable space that can be filled with chocolate).
    They're ALL completely handmade and hand-decorated. Which means each one is unique.
    They're also reasonably priced, giving tremendous value for products of such quality


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